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Stonesil Harder 600™

To make stone surface much hard like never been. We have to coat Italian marble floor, while being polish after 200 number grit. Automatically it effective like liquid glass at the floor surface, it goes in all nerves of the stone and it’s crystals makes surface little scratch proof till deep of polished surface.
Stonesil Harder 600 ™ is an advanced lithium Chemistry which is water-based solution requires no rinsing and is VOC compliant in all areas of the world.

Geloflex Plus®

Geloflex Plus® is a gel-like texture adhesive, which provides the maximum performance of workability and security in the Stonefixing . Classified according to standard as C2TE. Its composition, based on modified resins, gives it an excellent workability. It also has rheological agents, which guarantee a very high thixotropy and an extended open time that gives a total grip.


UNDERCOAT™ is a water-based primer designed as a barrier to prevent water, alkali and other compounds from reaching the surface and specifically to cause surface discoloration in cement substrates, stones and porous Italian marble stones. Designed to avoid causal flow. So the undercoat acts as an excellent upfluorescence repellent. The undercoat forms a strong adhesive film that also provides a chemical barrier to migrating alkalis and other chemicals.


FIRSTGEL™ is a epoxy based clear mastic for Grouting, Bonding and filling cracks and joint, for gluing and filling cracks and gaps in marble, stone, granite, quarts and ceramics. which provides the maximum performance and gives best-in-class adhesion and bonding.
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