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Polishing products that enhance the shine and luster
of marble surfaces.

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Stonevalley Essential

stonevalley essentials is a leading producer of the stone chemicals needed for the installation of natural stone, tiles, marble, and granite used in residential and commercial construction. We are the creators of the highest quality, globally recognized alternative to stone chemicals. We provide a wide range of goods to meet the needs of the construction sector, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

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Stonesil Harder 600™

To make stone surface much hard like never been. We have to coat Italian marble floor, while being polish after 200 number grit.

Geloflex Plus®

Geloflex Plus is a gel-like texture adhesive, which provides the maximum performance of workability and security in the Stone-fixing.

Stonevalley Essentials® UNDERCOAT™

UNDERCOAT is a Designed to avoid causal flow. So the undercoat acts as an excellent upfluorescence repellent.

Stonevalley Essentials® FIRSTGEL™

which provides the maximum performance and gives best-in-class adhesion and bonding.

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The product might be made from high-quality marble known for its durability.


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Polishing products that enhance the shine and luster of marble surfaces.


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Marble is a natural stone known for its elegance, durability.


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We foster a culture of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in flooring chemistry.


Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering products


We are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability in all our endeavors.


Integrity is non-negotiable in our business conduct.

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In order to demonstrate our dedication to our clients, the environment, and the building sector, Stonevalley Essentials adopted 6 Brand Promises. We aspire to be these things as well as what we now are.
With new options and opportunities for architects, designers, and installers, our innovations revolutionize our sector of the market.
As well as enhancing customer and staff health and safety, we are dedicated to making our sector more sustainable.
We are the brand of choice for the most demanding and distinctive projects wherever people live, work, and interact.
Both our products’ lifetime durability and our ongoing support are things that you can rely on.


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where the look meets quality work

Stonesil Harder 600 ™ is an advanced lithium Chemistry which is water-based solution requires no rinsing and is VOC compliant in all areas of the world.


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I recently had the pleasure of discovering Stonevalley’s floor style chemical products, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Carter James

It’s user-friendly and provides all the necessary information one could need when exploring their range of products.

Carter James

The finish is impeccable, and the durability is outstanding. It’s clear that Stonevalley prioritizes excellence in their offerings.

Carter James

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